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  David Harrison Sensei- Courtesy of Eugene Kitney Sensei.



 President and Chief Instructor 
Macquarie University Karate Club.

David commenced training apprximately 25 years ago in the mid 1980's as a full time student of Paul Starling Shihan, both in general classes and private lessons. He holds a record for attending the most classes, camps, and seminars, from amongst the currently active Sydney Black Belts, and has also gained the most knowlede as a private student having trained extensively and regularly over the past 25 years in 'Private' classes.

A member of the 1990 Japan/Sweden Tour Group, he stayed on in Europe after the main group returned to Australia, training in several Country's IKGA Dojos. During this time, he had the oportunity to train with the European IKGA Director and Vice President Ingo De Jong Shihan (a former Black Belt student of Paul Starling Shihan).

In 1993, David was a member of the Australian team of the Goju Kai I.K.G.A. group representing our Country in the 1st World IKGA Championships in Chiba Japan. He competed in both Kata and Kumite events. In his point fighting debut, David came up against Horst Shihan from Switzerland, who was at the time living in Japan and was an all Japan IKGA Kumite Champion. Harrison Sensei fought strongly but was eventually out pointed by the far more experienced Swis fighter. Nevertheless, it was a great and rewarding experience for David's introduction to International standard competition.

Then again, in 2005 he was a member once again of the Australian Squad at the 4th IKGA World Championships in Holland, where he gained a Bronze Medal in the gruelling Heavyweight Jiyu Kumite (Free Fighting) event. During the eliminations, David defeated the previous World Champion (representing Namibia) from the 3rd World IKGA Championships in Perth Western Australia in 2001.

When Paul Starling Shihan ceased teaching full time classes at the Macquarie University Dojo in mid 2004, David continued on in the positions of President and Chief Instructor of the Macquarie University Karate Club (MUKC), of which Paul had held continuously from 1969 until 2004. Harrison Sensei now looks after the administration of the University Karate Club, as well as teaching the majority of the classes. However, visiting Instructors Paul Starling Shihan, Mark Burton Shihan, and Ray beattie Sensei, still contribute to the success of the Dojo.

These days, David continues his devotion to Karate Do and Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu and assists the New South Wales Branch Chief and Chief Instructor (Doctor Mark Burton 6th Dan Shihan Renshi) to teach and administer the Sydney classes, as well as Shihan Paul Starling's advanced Black and Brown Belt lessons. He teaches his own classes on Monday nights, Thursday nights, and Saturday afternoons at Macquarie University, as well as training with Starling Shihan on Wednesday nights in Marsfield, and Burton Shihan on Sunday afternoons in Gosford (NSW Central Coast).

David has studied the Martial Art of Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai (Okinawan Weapons) from Paul Starling Shihan, Mark Burton Shihan, and more recently Josef Schafer Sensei (Branch Chief from Germany) when he was visiting Sydney, at which time Harrison Sensei did intensified training in this Traditional form of defence and counter attack.

Kobujutsu and Karate training compliment each other, as whatever techniques are performed with the weapons can also be performed with empty hands, and vice versa. Members of the Macquarie University Karate Club may also study the weapons training from David Harrison Sensei.

David's first weapons teacher (Paul Starling Shihan) studied Kobujutsu at the Japan Karate Do College in Tokyo in 1973 under the direct instruction of Grand Master Motokatsu (Gansho) Inoue. After graduating from the Karate College as Shihan Renshi, Paul was appointed by Inoue Hanshi as Australian Branch Chief for the Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai and graded to 5th Dan in that Organization. David now carries on Paul's teachings and hopes some day to train under the current Grand Master of Hozon Shinko Kai , Kisho Inoue Hanshi (son of the late Motokatsu Gansho Inoue). See Link Here for details: Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai.

For further information on David Harrison's classes, you can email him at the following address :  gojukaikarate@hotmail.com





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