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Steve Colangelo Shihan 6th Dan Renshi, is one of the most senior and longest serving members in the Australian Branch of the IKGA. He was one of the original students of Shihan Tino Ceberano [a former Branch Chief of Goju-Kai Australia] , who first started the Victorian Branch of the IKGA in the mid 1960’s.

Steve Shihan is highly respected as a senior instructor not only within Goju-Kai circles, but also within the Victorian and Australian Karate Federations as well,having had a highly successful history as a competitor and a champion of tournament competition on a State and National level. After nearly 43 years of training,and teaching he is now also concentrating his efforts on coaching and instructing the younger generation of upcoming champions, drawing on his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Next to Iwan Pranatio Shihan, Steve Colangelo Shihan is recognized as the most senior instructor in the Victorian Branch of Yamaguchi Goju-Kai, and next to Paul Starling Shihan [Vice President IKGA] he is regarded as the most senior instructor in length of service to the Yamaguchi family &  IKGA

Steve Shihan runs an extremely successful full time Dojo in Mentone Victoria, assisted by his many talented Black Belt students. It is from this Dojo that he has taken many of his followers on to success in State, National, and International events, including tour groups to the Asian Pacific and World Goju Kai Championships, as part of the Australian Goju-Kai Team. Please visit the Mentone Goju Kai Dojo website @ http://www.mentonegojukai.com





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