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Tom Curtis Shihan- Kumite 1980 Circa- Anglesea Victoria.


Tom Curtis Shihan 5th Dan Renshi, is also one of the most senior members in the Australian Branch of the IKGA. Along with Steve Colangelo Shihan  he was one of the original students of Shihan Tino Ceberano [a former Branch Chief of Goju-Kai Australia] , who first started the Victorian Branch of the IKGA in the mid 1960’s.

Tom Shihan was one of the original tournament competitors of the Australian Karate do Federation-  AKF (previously FAKO) in the mid 1970's whereby he has been a very active member of the Federation as , not only a highly successful competitor , but also as a Victorian Federation Coach, whereby in 1986 he successfully coached his sister Claire Curtis (Seymour) to a world Kata placing (WUKO) whereby Claire also gained a Bronze World medal for Australia in WKF Sydney.

Photo: Claire Curtis Seymour World Medalist 1986

Tom Curtis Shihan is involved in refereeing and coaching at the most senior levels withing the I.K.G.A. whereby he has been a very hard working and extremely competent referee at the World Championship events and has himself held many Victorian and also Australian championship titles. These details will be updated shortly herein.





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