Sydney Goju Kan



Karate ka who train for approximately 12-15 years under the direction of a Shihan, Master Instructor, can reach the rank of 3rd Dan-Sandan. This ranking leads to the qualification of Shidoin,  Assistant Instructor. Fourth Dan-Jokyo,Fifth Dan, then Shihan and above are ranks awarded to very few individuals. Usually, recipients of such gradings have devoted the majority of their life time to the study of Budo in various forms, and have made outstanding  contributions to the chosen art concerned. 

It has been stated that only the most dedicated and tenacious of students will reach the rank of 1st Dan, Shodan, the initiation, or the very first level of the Black Belt ranking system. Only a handful of those will then go on to obtain the rank of 3rd Dan, even fewer will gain 4th Dan Jokyo, however it is from the 4th Dan level of achievement that the few dedicated karateka who will eventually gain Master status are chosen. Within this ranking system is embedded a hierachial level of seniority regarding Shihan status. The highest of these is Hanshi usually awarded at 8th 9th or 10th Dan and only to the very most senior members both in age and experience ,of the Association or Dojo. In order of seniority the rank of Kyoshi is the immediate predecessor to the Hanshi and is awarded usually to the most senior members of 7th Dan rank or above. Renshi Shihan is the first level within the Shihan ranking system and can be awarded at 5th Dan, but is usually reserved for those of 6th Dan rank or above. Below herewith are Shihan Instructors in New South Wales (students of Paul Starling)


 Recipients of Shihan gradings in the Sydney Goju Kan (Australian Gojukai ) I.K.G.A. [listed below] and marked   *
were promoted to Shihan by Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi.

Paul Starling Shihan-7th Dan Kyoshi-  awarded 1995* Vice President I.K.G.A.  LINK
Dr Mark Burton Shihan 6th Dan Renshi awarded in 2006* Chief Instructor New Sth Wales 2005 LINK

Helmet Moldners Shihan 5th Dan Renshi awarded in 1986* Instructor Country NSW [Retired] 2003  LINK

 Alexandra Starling Shihan 5th Dan Renshi awarded in 1989*  Instructor Macquarie University [Retired] LINK


 INGO DE JONG 8th Dan Hanshi 2008* Former student of Paul Starling Shihan  LINK