Wakako Yamaguchi


Wakako Yamaguchi Shihan.
All Japan Kata Champion

Gokyoko Wakako Yamaguchi  6th Dan , in Australia 1978 circa
Photo by Alexandra Starling

Wakako Yamaguchi Shihan 6th Dan is the 5th child of Gogen Yamaguchi and the first child with his second wife Mitsue Yamaguchi. Kaiso's first wife being Midori Yamaguchi who resided in the family hometown on Kyuushu Island.  Wakako Kyoshi was born in approx 1952 and is currently 6th Dan Kyoshi Shihan. She lives in Tokyo Japan and is the mother of two adult daughters. Wakako Shihan was the first All Japan Karate-do Kata Champion and has been an inspiration to hundreds of male and female Karate-ka who have travelled to Japan and been taught by her, or who have witnessed her phenomenal power and presence , and her unique technique which was un-surpassed during the era she was a Shihan at the Zen Nihon Karate do College and Honbu Dojo in Zenpukuji Suginami Ku.

Wakako Shihan has been the inspiration of many current Shihan members of the I.K.G.A and it has been stated by the most senior members of the association that Wakako Shihan was in a classs of her own technique wise and had inherited the unique and special powerful abilities of her father Gogen Yamaguchi . These  were enhanced even further via the dedicated training regime she undertook with her brother Yamaguchi Goshi Shihan who coached her to National All Japan Champion status over many years.

It was 37 years ago in approx 1978 that Wakako Yamaguchi Shihan came to Australia with her brother Goshi Shihan for training with the Australian members. It was the first time that she had travelled to Australia whereby she visited both Sydney and Melbourne and visited the various Dojo as well as trained full time with our members at the National IKGA Goju Kai summer camp at Tallangatta Victoria. It was on this trip that Wakako Shihan had an unfortunate accident during a Bunkai Demonstration with her brother and severely damaged her right knee; an injury which severely limited her future training thereafter.

Wakako Shihan has been seriously ill of late however was re-united with many of her Australian Shihan admirers at the recent I.K.G.A. International Shihan Kai Seminar in Matsumoto and Tokyo Japan , and is thankfully on the road to recovery.

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